Your Story.
Our Commitment.
"A customer doesn't care how much you know until they know how much you care." ~Damon Richards

What we do

Every relocating employee is important and unique.
Their story becomes our story.
Ensuring each story ends happily IS what we do.

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Destination Services

International, domestic and on-demand destination services programs. Customized to the individual client requirements, with a variety of service options for both managed and on-demand programs. Supported by a corporate team of experienced relocation professionals and a national network of over 250 local area experts services are available throughout the U.S. and several locations in Canada.

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Education Consulting

Chamness Education Consulting (CEC) provides customized school placement programs designed specifically for corporate families with school-aged children relocating to another city or country. The focus of the programs is on the pre-K through secondary school grade levels, providing academic and local market expertise in the development and execution of each school placement program.

Available programs include an introductory Consultation Service, Education Consulting Services, Special Education Needs Program, Repatriation Program, and VIP Service Program.

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Changing the PACE
of relocation
"People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." ~Steve Jobs

Who we are

We are Chamness Relocation Solutions with relocation experience dating back to 1988.
We are a committed partner to our clients.
We are passionate about individual service.
We are a dedicated employer to our team members.
We are a women-owned small business.
There is a lot more to tell about who we are. But we prefer to let some of our customers do the talking for us.

Our Story

With a 30-year history of delivering quality relocation services, Chamness is built on the concept of delivering personal, customized service for our clients and dedicated to providing the best value for relocation destination services and education consulting. We stand by our commitment to provide our clients and their relocating employees the best relocation experience through a personal, professional delivery of their relocation program. We combine high-touch, with high-tech to enhance the experience, process and reporting for our clients.

Mobile Friendly

Virtual, cross-platform technology providing real-time access to relocation resources and information for our clients and their relocating employees.

The best local area experts in the industry! Local area consultant certification program, includes stringent qualification and prior relocation experience requirements, background checks, skills certification conducted by a Chamness corporate team member, along with ongoing training and relocation industry training requirements.

A corporate relocation team with over eighty years of combined experience delivering corporate relocation services.

Quality service commitment. As a true partner, we stand by our commitment to deliver an exceptional relocation experience for every relocating employee. We consider our role in the employee’s relocation a critical one, and react quickly to resolve any potential issues that may impact the employee.

Our Team

Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned. Supporting the individual story requires getting to know the individual. Every member of our hand-selected team of relocation managers and local area experts understands the importance of earning the respect and trust of a relocating employee.

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Our Technology.
Your Choice.
"In today's world, technology is the campfire around which we tell our stories." ~Laurie Anderson

How we do it


A virtual, interactive relocation experience providing a cost-effective program to support lump sum, capped move and intern assignments.


An online tool for relocation managers and relocating employees, MyReloOnDemand is Chamness’ cross-platform technology designed to provide tracking and support through the entire relocation story.

MyReloOnDemand can be utilized via the web or any mobile device, with the highest level of protection for your business information and the employee’s personal data.

Relocation Managers

MyReloOnDemand gives you real-time access to every authorized program. From online authorization tracking and reporting to strategic analytics, MyReloOnDemand delivers a wealth of features that are fully integrated into our service delivery process.

Relocating Employees

MyReloOnDemand delivers powerful features for relocating employees to assist in their relocation experience enabling real-time access to their local area consultant and other resources.



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