Education Consulting
Our team approach, partnering an Education Consultant with a local Destination Consultant, maximizes family advocacy for successful school placement. Education Consultants are experienced educators with expertise in successful program management to achieve the goals established with the parents for placement in the best-fit school, optimizing the child’s assimilation and ongoing growth and happiness. Destination Consultants are local area experts, familiar with schools, neighborhoods and the educational systems in the specific location, providing accompanied support for school visits and the individual school placement program.

With our innovative, award-winning KnektD ™ mobile app, the Education Consultant, Destination Consultant and parents have a means of instant and ongoing communication anywhere in the world. All data, texts, phone call, photos, reports – everything related to the school placement program - are captured in the mobile app.

To prepare the child for re-integration into their home country school upon repatriation, the Education Consultant provides school options that are in alignment with the student’s learning objectives while on assignment, as well as the home country local requirements and curriculum.
Special Education Needs Program
Transitioning to a new location as part of a corporate move with a child who has special needs requires expert support and advocacy to navigate parents through the unique local program requirements. Our Special Education Needs Program is developed and customized in partnership with the parents and the child’s support team. A Chamness Senior Education Consultant is assigned to the family. Senior Education Consultants possess Masters’ Degrees in Special Education and have theoretical and experiential case management knowledge. The Senior Education Consultant can liaise with the child’s physician and/or therapist, along with the school administration and teachers to create an education plan that focuses on the child’s unique gifts and challenges. The collaborative effort enhances the child’s ability to thrive while learning.

Special Education Needs Programs provide support for children demonstrating:
  • Learning and social-emotional disabilities
  • Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • Dyslexia
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
  • Physical and developmental disabilities
  • Gifted and talented intellectual abilities
VIP Service Program
The VIP program is strategically focused on designing an education plan customized to the unique needs of the individual child, the home country curriculum and the best-fit school in the destination location. This high-touch program is managed by a team dedicated to program management for employees whose needs may extend beyond the standard education consulting program or who are reviewing multiple locations for target schools.